Our 'Bag Shy' Promise

If years of working with the ocean has taught us one thing, it is that along with the wider environment, it must be respected if we want to protect it for future generations.

We are fully aware that our main job roles fall within an industry which is not environmentally sound, which is why we have made it our promise to strive for our growing business to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

“Bag shy" is a term coined by the commercial diving trade used for a diver who does not want to get into his diving suit (his bag) and dive; however, we have taken this phrase and given it another meaning. We are literally Bag Shy as we have made it our aim not to use any plastics or other environmentally unfriendly materials in our packaging and to use recycled materials wherever possible.

We promote good environmental practices on our products and packaging and have deliberately collaborated with companies who share the same ethos as ourselves: 

Springfield Solutions - our bottle label producers, are world leaders in the supply of Innovative, Sustainable, Digital Packaging. Their commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly, has seen them implement various initiatives to reach their goal of Carbon net zero. The 96 solar panels on the roof of their building generate electricity and at 1 year of installation had saved 8,000kg of CO2.

Flexi-Hex - provides our protective bottle sleeve for safe transportation of our bottles. Their equal love for the ocean and desire to create packaging that didn’t persist in the environment lead them to create their Flex Hex sleeve. Its patented honeycomb design is made from paper which is biodegradable, recyclable and completely plastic free.

Our motto:

Plastic free to save our sea. Proud to be bag shy


“The ocean’s power of regeneration is remarkable if we just give it a chance…..We are in reach of a whole new relationship with the ocean, a wiser, more sustainable relationship. The choice lies with us” - Sir David Attenborough