The Flavour

After many years of working on, in and under the shiny briny, we thought it only natural to tie in elements of the ocean into our rum as well as give a nod to the profession itself.

We tried to make a rum that tasted of Heliox and fish, but found it left a bad taste in the mouth and rather than flying off the shelves, just kind of, floated away! So we ditched that idea, went back to the drawing board and decided to use the salty sea itself as our inspirational flavour, leaving the diving element strictly for decorative purposes only!

We knew we needed a rum as salty as an old sea dog and as tasty as the mermaids he dates, so we took our idea to a master distiller who developed a recipe that we feel 100% hit the dive brief! A delicious blend of warming spices, vanilla, seaweed and sea salt expertly crafted to create a smooth and balanced rum that brings a touch of the ocean to every glass!