How we Surfaced

The concept of Brass Hat Rum started just as many bad jokes do. Two divers sat in a pub enjoying a well earned drink on their leave. One says to the other “wouldn’t it be good to have our own specific flavour of rum!” ……… and the rest as they say is history.

The journey to the finished product was certainly NOT an easy one because, as any commercial diver will tell you, living a life where you can be at home walking the dog one minute and then at the bottom of the ocean within hours is not always compatible with everyday life, let alone starting a business!

However after many arduous months of emails, whatsapp messages, phone calls with terrible signals, explanations to suppliers why we can only communicate via messages (unless you want a phone call from Alvin the Chipmunk) and the occasional crossing of paths with each other between months at sea, actually doing our REAL jobs, we finally managed to turn that tipsy idea started in the pub into a reality. We are extremely proud of the end result and we hope you enjoy it as much as the sweat and tears we have poured into it over these past months.

Disclaimer:- No actual sweat and tears were added to this recipe, the salty flavour comes solely from seaweed and sea salt.